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The amount of choice for Canadians is impressively wide, and while browsing for the best online casino, it’s so easy to make a mistake and to get caught by a loud advert. So how do you pick the most secure online casino?

Everyone has their expectations from the online casino: some people are trying to find a decent replacement of the classic brick-and-mortar casino, others are looking for the most exciting games to play but all of the gamblers are led by the same reason - to line up their pockets. It doesn’t even matter how skilled or lucky you are, the only thing that truly matters is whether you play the secure online casino.

So, the very first thing that Canadian users should pay attention to while looking for the most secure online casino is how friendly the platform is to Canada. Before you create an account and especially make a deposit, check if the chosen online casino accepts Canadian Dollars. Looking good? Then another thing which is very important is whether they have French or English speaking customer service representatives. You don’t want to have any language barriers while asking questions related to your money. Talking about money, make sure that you won’t have any troubles with deposits or withdrawals. Check the list of payment methods that the site has to offer and if it either has the option “Use My Bank” (tailor-made for Canadians) or other popular ones such as Visa, Master Card, E-checks and wire transfers. Although, last ones usually take the longest time. Otherwise, it may be difficult for you to proceed any payments. The most secure online casino will have more options than just Western Union or mailing checks.

Never deposit your money into one of those suspicious sites.

Another responsibility of yours is to check whether the casino you’re looking at is legally operated in Canada. Usually, you can’t even access the site if it’s not legal, but it’s better if you double check to avoid the trouble. The most secure online casino is normally regulated and licensed by international gaming authorities such as eCOGRA. Also, look for the payout percentages on the online casino website. The percentage of 95+ is considered trustworthy. In case you can’t find this information then this might be a reason to have doubts, although you can test their customer support by asking for the payout rate. Read some history of the company, compare different reviews and you will get a better idea of your options.

Now, the most fun part - bonuses. They are one of the best ways for online casinos to lure more players to the house. Remember that usually, gambling providers don’t tend to lose by giving away free money. The most genuine bonuses are usually “welcome bonuses” that are designed not to let you pass by. Read carefully to understand how they may be obtained and what the wagering requirements are. The average “welcome bonus” between online casinos is 35-40x. Also, you should look for the cashable bonuses. The most secure online casino will make it possible for you to get some cash back into your pockets.

When it comes to the games, it’s important that you should be able to test at least some of them for free. Try that, and you can pretty much figure out what the casino has to offer. Make sure that famous development companies in the industry create the games, for example, Microgaming, Netent, Playtech. Big brands wouldn’t work with some dodgy online casinos. Look for the sites with progressive jackpots - the more of them, the better. Bonuses, promotions, free spins - all this increases your chances to win.

While searching for the most secure online casino, pick a few that you’d like to try. If everything seems nice and sound according to the tips you just read, then go on, give it a go. But the most important thing you should always remember when it comes to gambling is that it’s just a great way of entertainment. Yes, you may win some good cash by playing, but also you may lose, so don’t stay in a game for too long if you can’t afford it! Remember, that after all, enough is enough.

These rules are very basic, but hopefully, they can help you to make the right choice. Stay safe and be a responsible player, finally good luck with your winnings!